Why me?

If you work with me, you will get advantages not available from most of the competition,  such as:


As a trained physician, I am knowledgeable about most medical subject areas. My translations have been used to file patents, deliver patient care, obtain regulatory approvals for clinical trials and medical devices, and conduct litigation.

In contrast, many language companies have little to no in-house linguistic expertise and act as mere middlemen between translators whose work they cannot evaluate and clients who cannot judge the quality of the texts they purchase. Many suppliers take advantage of their clients’ ignorance. I know from first-hand experience that translation quality does not always match the sales hype; sometimes it’s not even close.

Smooth Interaction

I speak the language of your business, not sales palaver laced with tech buzzwords. And you can actually talk to me.  Interaction between author and translator is essential to produce top-notch translations. Continued interaction over long-term projects leads to incremental efficiency and quality gains, creating better texts and improving your bottom line.

Many language companies send out jobs to the lowest bidder or even to another middleman. Often the chosen vendor is someone the company never met before and whose work they are unable to evaluate. Some companies even split the text between several translators—a procedure that usually introduces stylistic inconsistencies and increases the risk of serious mistakes.

No Middlemen

My overhead is minimal. I employ qualified colleagues (reviewers, editors and translators) for quality assurance and to tackle larger projects. No project is outsourced without client approval.

Unlike many language companies, I do not need an army of lawyers, accountants, content writers to impress search engines, or salesmen pushing the latest dubious iteration of ”language technology.” Although technology plays an important role in translation today, it is often overhyped and can be misused, sometimes wth disastrous results.

Data Security

All client data is stored in a secure, dedicated server with strictly controlled access. On request, I can setup a dedicated secure FTP (SFTP) account with a public key provided by you to further protect your data.

In most language companies, sensitive documents are handled by monolingual employees who do not understand the text and sometimes do not even know in which language it is written. This means that unredacted confidential data is sent over the open internet—often to people the company does not know—in an attempt to find the linguistic resources that the company does not have. The worst offenders simply don’t care and send unredacted medical records to multiple translators worldwide in an attempt to get the lowest bid from their vendors.

Let’s Talk!

If you would like to discuss your translation needs, please send an inquiry through the site’s contact form. I will get back to you quickly and, if applicable, provide a firm  quote including price and proposed deadlines.