Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Paulo Mendes. After a career in medicine, I now dedicate myself full-time to medical communication, including medical translation (from English, French, Spanish or Portuguese into English or Brazilian Portuguese) and medical writing.

Why me?


As a trained physician, I can write about most medical subject matter areas. My work has been successfully used to approve clinical trials, file patents, deliver patient care, pursue regulatory applications, and conduct litigation.


You can actually talk to me. Unlike most commercial providers, I speak the language of your business, not sales palaver. Writing is communication; therefore, the best linguistic and commercial outcomes are attained when the translator can interact with the authors and users of the source texts.


All client data is stored securely in a dedicated server. In many language companies, sensitive documents are handled by monolingual employees who do not understand them and sometimes do not even know the language in which they are written. The worst offenders even send unredacted medical records to multiple translators worldwide in an attempt to get the lowest price from their vendors.

No middlemen

My overhead is minimal. Unlike many companies, I do not need an army of lawyers, accountants, content writers trying to impress search engines, or salesmen pushing the latest dubious iteration of language technology.