Paulo Mendes, MD

Healthcare depends on human communication. Good healthcare requires complex, seamless interaction between many people who often have very different backgrounds, diverging expectations and fears. Faulty or unclear communication can compromise patient care, delay regulatory applications, slow or even derail clinical trials, tarnish a company's image, create legal liability, or worse. When healthcare involves diverse languages and cultures, these problems are compounded. In many such situations, good translation is an indispensable tool.

When choosing a medical translator, you need someone who thoroughly masters a highly complex subject matter, understands your source text, knows the translation's target audience or audiences—the people: what they need and want and how they think—and is capable of rendering the author's ideas in clear, flowing and compelling prose in the target language.

I am medically qualified and trained as a gastroenterologist. For the last ten years, I have worked full time as an English>Portuguese>English translator. In addition to my medical background, I have also completed translation courses and earned accreditation in two language pairs by the Brazilian Translators Association and by the American Translators Association. I can bring to bear years of study, qualification and experience, both medical and linguistic, to your translation needs. I have successfully completed hundreds of assignments. My experience includes:

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